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Building Personal and Spiritual Growth

This week's blog appears in the Women's section of Disciples Today. I hated Algebra in high school. Geometry, however, made sense to me. I really liked 'if-then' statements like this:   If a = b, and b = c, then a = c.   It works great when you have to find...

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Why Porn and Adultery Rock Our World

You may not know it (I didn’t), but pornography has silently become the new cancer of society. And those who attend church are not exempt. A few facts: 68% of church-going men and 22% of women regularly view pornography. [1] 35% Christian men and 17% of Christian...

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Homey Birthday to Me

I turned three-years-old yesterday. Three years as a homeschooling mom, an occupation I swore I would never have. And yet here I am. It’s been quite a four-fold learning experience as teacher,...
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Monsoons, Mother-in-Laws, and Merit Badges

Your toothbrush. Your car. Your laptop. The contents of your refrigerator. If you could keep just one material item in your life, what would you choose? What about one relationship? Your spouse?...
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Spiritual Sewage

Disclaimer: Sorry, not a lot of humor this week. I don’t just hate politics, I loathe them. Yes, I understand they are a necessary evil no matter what government you live under. What I despise most...
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The Invasion of Spring

Ah, spring!While everyone else is opening up their windows to welcome in the fresh scent of green earth and fragrant flowers, I’m duct taping my sills and doorframes to keep every spore of...
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I Now Pronounce You God and Wife

Ah, a wedding. A joyous event. The bride, the groom, the rings,…the in-laws. In most cases, the happy (and wise) couple took the time to count the cost of their new adventure before they jumped the...
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Salvation in Stereo

Lo-fi. Hi-fi. Wi-fi. We were driving home from school the other day when my eight-year-old asked me what “hi-fi” was. Interesting, I thought. It shows just how different our generations are. Anyone...
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A Fish ’n’ Loaf Faith

I can be such a twit. I imagine Jesus shaking his head and sighing deeply over me just like he did with the Pharisees and even his own disciples (Mark 8:11-21). They just didn’t get it. About 15...
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Shut Up and Paint Already

Have you ever had to sit and wait for somebody to just shut up? They talked on and on about their problems and why this and that wouldn’t work—and you knew exactly how to solve their problem. But...
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The Pot and the Pigeonhole

Eureka! I’ve discovered it! The secret to all the complexities in the universe regarding male and female wiring. It’s quite simple really. The theory is called the Pot and the Pigeonhole. And it’s...
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What’s Your Default?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times: I’m a control freak by nature and--thank you, Mom--by nurture as well. It’s what I’ve defaulted to time and time again when chaos threatens the order of...
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“…An original and innovative allegory of the greatest, most compelling story ever told…”

From the Foreward by Jeff Chacon, Author of “Dare to Dream Again”

What others say about Kim and Russ Pullen

“…an amazing woman, wife, mother, writer, and friend, and as creative a problem-solver as she is a writer and director.”

Carma R. Kuhn, M.Ed, NCC, LMHC, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Melbourne, Florida

“…a woman of incredible integrity, humility, and character.”

Reginald “Reggie” Price, Mission Systems and Training, Lockheed Martin Orlando, Florida

“…full of integrity, honesty, and character, and marries her very compelling ideas with top-shelf communication skills.”

Dave Eastman, Worship Ministry Leader, Chicago Church of Christ

“Always positive, on-time and efficient, you can count on a great massage every time.”

Serina Jung, LMT; Owner of Wellness At Work Massage, LLC, Orlando

“Russ is a brilliant fitness instructor who makes everyone feel welcome in his classes.”

Donna Steeles, Orlando

“Russ is serious about addressing the pain and discomfort of his massage clients. I’d recommend him to anyone. In fact, I often do!”

Maria Elena Pereira, Osteen, Florida

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