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Writer, Speaker, Fitness Instructor

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My Marriage: Twenty Five Years on the Anvil of Time

Marriage puts our character on the anvil of time. Our impurities are revealed then burned up and beaten out until we are sharp and strong. Only then do we understand the hard and humbling aspects of marriage are forging something infinitely greater than two separate people.

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Building Personal and Spiritual Growth

I hated Algebra in high school. Geometry, however, made sense to me. I really liked 'if-then' statements like this:   If a = b, and b = c, then a = c. It works great when you have to find the angle of a parallelogram. But often we adapt a false 'if-then'...

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It Ain’t Just Me

All right. I know you’ve heard me brag about my husband, Russ. And you’re probably thinking, “Ah, she’s still got her rose-colored glasses on.” But trust me--after 19 years of marriage, all...
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Please Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore

I’m not really into gifts. I don’t care much for flowers. I won’t refuse them. I’ll just put them in the only vase I own and set them on the kitchen table to die. Nor do I need loads of quality time...
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The Jello Dilemma

What would the world be like if I never existed?That was George Bailey’s Christmas gift from Frank Capra’s enduring classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”, a movie I traditionally watch every year during...
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My Suicidal Computer

There is something downright maddening when your brand-new netbook, laptop, or PC spontaneously develops artificial intelligence. I say artificial because nobody with any real intelligence could...
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What (I Think) I Missed

I did something today that I haven’t done in almost 10 years. I wept for my son. My lost son.Not my firstborn, Aiden, who was stillborn. But for my second. Tristan, my second child who survived my...
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Salvation in Stereo

Lo-fi. Hi-fi. Wi-fi. We were driving home from school the other day when my eight-year-old asked me what “hi-fi” was. Interesting, I thought. It shows just how different our generations are. Anyone...
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Pride and Duct Tape

Next to public speakers, writers have the best opportunity to showing off how completely self-centered and arrogant they are. Uh-hum, sorry. We are. Granted we can read our words back to ourselves...
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I Now Pronounce You God and Wife

Ah, a wedding. A joyous event. The bride, the groom, the rings,…the in-laws. In most cases, the happy (and wise) couple took the time to count the cost of their new adventure before they jumped the...
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Who Crossed the Line?

Let me introduce you to... The Farmer In "The Chasm Crosser", the farmer is a simple, straight-forward man uncomfortable with taking sides in a controversy. But when he meets the Bridge Builder, he...
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Being Addicted to a Clear Conscience

We have three ferrets that are the epitome of cute. Except the hairless one, but that’s another story. Our ferrets love small, dark places. They especially like the hidden recesses under a bed—my...
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“…An original and innovative allegory of the greatest, most compelling story ever told…”
From the Foreward by Jeff Chacon, Author of “Dare to Dream Again”

What others say about Kim and Russ Pullen

“…an amazing woman, wife, mother, writer, and friend, and as creative a problem-solver as she is a writer and director.”

Carma R. Kuhn, M.Ed, NCC, LMHC, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Melbourne, Florida

“…a woman of incredible integrity, humility, and character.”

Reginald “Reggie” Price, Mission Systems and Training, Lockheed Martin Orlando, Florida

“…full of integrity, honesty, and character, and marries her very compelling ideas with top-shelf communication skills.”

Dave Eastman, Lead Evangelist, Indianapolis Church of Christ

“Always positive, on-time and efficient, you can count on a great massage every time.”

Serina Jung, LMT; Owner of Wellness At Work Massage, LLC, Orlando

“Russ is a brilliant fitness instructor who makes everyone feel welcome in his classes.”

Donna Steeles, Orlando

“Russ is serious about addressing the pain and discomfort of his massage clients. I’d recommend him to anyone. In fact, I often do!”

Maria Elena Pereira, Osteen, Florida

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