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Building Personal and Spiritual Growth

This week's blog appears in the Women's section of Disciples Today. I hated Algebra in high school. Geometry, however, made sense to me. I really liked 'if-then' statements like this:   If a = b, and b = c, then a = c.   It works great when you have to find...

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Why Porn and Adultery Rock Our World

You may not know it (I didn’t), but pornography has silently become the new cancer of society. And those who attend church are not exempt. A few facts: 68% of church-going men and 22% of women regularly view pornography. [1] 35% Christian men and 17% of Christian...

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The Chasm Crosser Comes

I've held onto this story for a few years hoping to get it published. But with teaching full-time, holding a second job as a fitness instructor, and raising three kids, my dream to support myself...
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Pride and Duct Tape

Next to public speakers, writers have the best opportunity to showing off how completely self-centered and arrogant they are. Uh-hum, sorry. We are. Granted we can read our words back to ourselves...
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The Worms are Dead

The worms are dead. And if they are any indication of my future as a homeschool mom, I’m in trouble.I got up on Monday morning, walked into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for my sleepy army, and...
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Burying a Friend in the Back Yard

I’m not usually given to weepiness over a pet. I only have a dog, ferrets, and bearded dragons because I have kids. When my nest empties, the ferrets and dragons go with the kids. (The dog probably...
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Michael Meets Mozart

My daughter just started playing violin so I have taken a sudden interest in stringed instruments. I saw these guys who are living on the edge with their gifts. I can guarantee you've never seen...
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Impotent All

You want to know powerlessness? Try explaining to an autistic child why he can’t play his computer because the electricity went out. If you lived in Florida for any length of time and experienced...
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The Wet Feet of Faith

My feet are finally firmly planted on the water’s surface. (Yes, you read that right.)Six years ago, I stepped out of the boat and agreed with my husband to open our fitness studio. Last year, I let...
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What’s your Wattage?

In our modern terminology, radiance has taken on a distinctly feminine quality. I mean, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, or Bruce Willis might, well,…take offense if you told him they...
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What Are Ya Tryin’ to Prove?: How Rejection Affects our Self-Worth

“So why do you think you are the best person for the job?” asked the interviewer. I hate that question. If they ask it, it’s usually at the end of your interview. It means you have to (#1) have a...
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Teachable moments in the frozen food aisle

Foul Language in the Frozen Foods (or How to Make Teachable Moments)

You gotta take your teachable moments wherever they come from. I wanted to surprise my daughter. She loves Moose Tracks ice cream. So I was standing in the frozen food aisle hunting for the cheapest...
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“…An original and innovative allegory of the greatest, most compelling story ever told…”

From the Foreward by Jeff Chacon, Author of “Dare to Dream Again”

What others say about Kim and Russ Pullen

“…an amazing woman, wife, mother, writer, and friend, and as creative a problem-solver as she is a writer and director.”

Carma R. Kuhn, M.Ed, NCC, LMHC, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Melbourne, Florida

“…a woman of incredible integrity, humility, and character.”

Reginald “Reggie” Price, Mission Systems and Training, Lockheed Martin Orlando, Florida

“…full of integrity, honesty, and character, and marries her very compelling ideas with top-shelf communication skills.”

Dave Eastman, Worship Ministry Leader, Chicago Church of Christ

“Always positive, on-time and efficient, you can count on a great massage every time.”

Serina Jung, LMT; Owner of Wellness At Work Massage, LLC, Orlando

“Russ is a brilliant fitness instructor who makes everyone feel welcome in his classes.”

Donna Steeles, Orlando

“Russ is serious about addressing the pain and discomfort of his massage clients. I’d recommend him to anyone. In fact, I often do!”

Maria Elena Pereira, Osteen, Florida

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