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The Pot and the Pigeonhole

Eureka! I’ve discovered it! The secret to all the complexities in the...

Time, Time and More Time

All right. You know I was already reluctant to get into this...

Why We Lie

Lying to others is deplorable. It erodes trust, the glue in any...

Burying a Friend in the Back Yard

I’m not usually given to weepiness over a pet. I only have a dog,...

What’s Your Superpower?

I am raising a child with autism, another with brain integration issues,...

“You Sniveling Coward!”

“You sniveling coward!" "You lily-livered, chicken-hearted milksop!” “You...

The Wet Feet of Faith

My feet are finally firmly planted on the water’s surface. (Yes, you read...

The Gift of Pain

When I was a child, my dad used to take me out on our boat and he’d let...
couples serve together

Couples Who Serve Together Benefit Their Marriage as Much as Their Community

When a husband and wife combine their complementary gifts or talents to serve others in a ministry capacity, in their congregation, or in the community, they as a couple reap as many benefits as the recipients of their service.

What Are Ya Tryin’ to Prove?: How Rejection Affects our Self-Worth

“So why do you think you are the best person for the job?” asked the...

Books by Kim Pullen

The Intimacy Manifesto (Non-Fiction)

Intimacy ≠ Sex. But even the most spiritually-minded equate them. Or we think intimacy is reserved for marriage. We couldn’t be more wrong!

Intimacy is so essential to all our meaningful relationships, we can’t have a healthy relationship without it.

It’s time to redefine intimacy and commit yourself to deep, meaningful relationships with God and a circle of safe others.

The Chasm Crosser (Fiction)

The greatest story ever told through fresh eyes—a mysterious bridge builder appears promising to span the great chasm, but his bold claims put him in opposition to the authorities.

A reluctant farmer and his wife must decide: is the man a self-deceived lunatic, a master con artist, or is the only one who can reunite the people of the valley to their king?

Water for the Wound (Poetry)

We all have a wound. In our humanity, we try to hide it, deny it, or disguise it. But when we are alone and the noise of the world has stilled, the relentless pain demands attention. It cries out for relief.

This is collection of poems calls you to lift your hands to the rain, lift your voice to the Son, and lift your heart to the one who provides Water for the Wound.

God Saves Marriages

Kim Pullen’s shares she and her husband’s victorious story over co-dependency and sexual sin.

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