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God Saves Marriages

Kim Pullen’s shares she and her husband’s victorious story over co-dependency and sexual sin.

The Wet Feet of Faith

My feet are finally firmly planted on the water’s surface. (Yes, you read that right.)Six years ago, I stepped out of the boat and agreed with my husband to open our fitness studio. Last year, I let...

Impotent All

You want to know powerlessness? Try explaining to an autistic child why he can’t play his computer because the electricity went out. If you lived in Florida for any length of time and experienced...

The Greatest Lover of All-Time

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, I googled "World’s Greatest Lover" expecting to find shirtless movie moguls, pouty-lipped teen idols, or at least some sordid tale of Casanova. The entire first...

Snow Globe 2: Seeing the Big Picture

Snow globes. Their magic lies in our objective view of their finite and encapsulated world. We have a hard time imagining living inside that tiny world and yet we do it every day when we view this...
Saul and David exemplify the opposite poles of the condition of the conscience.

3 Signs of a Tender Conscience

Last week, my husband got into a bit of a funk. As we lay in bed after another exhausting day of parenting, work, household chores, and church activities, he opened up about feeling like he wasn’t doing his best to help our special needs son, to support our family, and in serving others in the community. We can all feel like we are not living up to God’s expectations. We question our…

My Marriage: Twenty Five Years on the Anvil of Time

Marriage puts our character on the anvil of time. Our impurities are revealed then burned up and beaten out until we are sharp and strong. Only then do we understand the hard and humbling aspects of marriage are forging something infinitely greater than two separate people.

I’m Still Here…With Worms No Less

Okay, I survived my first week of homeschooling. But it was just the first week.  And to best honest, it was actually, well,…fun.I think science has become our favorite subject. Last week we did...

Even Sick Moms Get a Little TLC from “Dad”

Being a mom is often a challenging task. Being a sick mom  and taking care of sick children can be onerous. I’m living in that “o” zone right now. The only reason I’m writing is because I need to...

A Plethora of Planks

We love to see repentance in others. It brings such joy to see someone change the way they were living, talking, thinking, or acting all because their transformation honors God. We admire that...

The “Mundane” Things in Marriage Make or Break It

I could spit on every romance novel I read as a teenager. They deluded me into thinking that marriage was one, long romantic adventure. What a crock. I’m not down on marriage. I endured four...
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