The Chasm Crosser

An Allegory by Kim Pullen
The Chasm Crosser

Do you believe me?

“I am the Eldest, heir to the throne, the One and Only through whom all in the valley must come to return to our father.”

When a mysterious bridge builder appears with a promise to span the Great Chasm that separates the king of the Mountain from the people of the Valley, a reluctant farmer and his wife must choose between the suspicious mutterings of the Maven—the local bridge building authority—or the impossible reality of a bridge shrouded in mist.

Then the bridge builder’s bold claims put him in direct opposition with the Maven and the farmer’s own family and the farmer and his wife must face the daunting question: Is the bridge builder a self-deceived lunatic, is he a master con artist, or is he who he says he is—the Eldest, heir to the throne, and the only means by which the people of the Valley can be reunited to their king?