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“The Chasm Crosser”


*****What a lovely book!

Kim has achieved what all authors want: a story that is so compelling it’s almost impossible to put down! Love, hate,fear, faith, doubt and forgiveness….it’s all here in a story that flows like a river, sometimes gently and at other turns violently, to its inevitable destination.

Beautifully told, this story will captivate and touch you.

–Serina Jung, Songwriter & Artist, July 26, 2015


*****A Must Revisit!

Although this is a familiar story that is recognized from the very beginning it quickly becomes one that pulls you in and makes you eager to finish. You can feel the struggle with in the characters hearts and you want to reach in and touch the lives of each one. I applaud the strength and the kindness of the Farmer’s wife and I wanted to reach in and grab and hug the little boy. The farmer is one of the best examples of what I godly, good man is. Although it is just as you know it, the story is told from a fantastic view point and is excellently written. I enjoyed it from beginning to end .

–Tracey Johnson, Teacher and Fitness Guru, July 19, 2015


*****I Walked It

The Chasm Crosser was intriguing. I felt compelled to be “in” the book at certain times day and night until I was, myself, across the bridge. It was full of simple insights that highlighted the profundity of day to day adversity, longing, and caring. I was in love with her word usage as well as her ability to capture emotion.

–Jeanine Petro, July 18, 2015

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