The Fictitious Powers of the FDA

Don’t think of this as bad news. Think of it as me restraining my friend from eating lead paint.cosmetics

Or warning my bff about the arsenic in her milk.

Or cautioning my amiga about the toxin in her tequila.

The truth is the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is not what you think. It is not their job to protect you from cosmetic companies who compete with each other how many dangerous chemicals they can put in your make-up and toiletries.

Here’s the truth:

The first is about the real power of the FDA. For example, “Most consumers believe the U.S. government regulates the cosmetics industry the same way it regulates food and drugs sold in this country to make sure they’re safe. The truth is, no one’s minding the store when it comes to shampoo, skin moisturizers, baby products, lipstick or any other personal care product.” Read more here:

The second is an article about how it took the FDA years to reveal the truth about the egregious amount of lead in over 400 brands of lipsticks. The sad truth is all that lead is still in the lipsticks because it’s not the FDA’s job to chase after all the companies that use it. See

Why present this info? To encourage you to educate yourself. Read up on the products you use. If you choose to use them after you know what’s in them, that’s fine. But ignorance is no longer bliss.