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Class Schedule at Dandelion Fitness


All-Levels Yoga

Mondays 6:00pm

Saturday 10:00am


All Levels Yoga

Utilize the power of your own breath, increase flexibility, proper posture and alignment, and decrease tension and stress in this yoga class designed for beginners to moderately advanced. The only requirements are a teachable spirit and a desire to feel better inside and out. Incorporates intermediate and advanced modifications for maximum individual goal fulfillment.


A synchronous blend of the stability of Yoga and the mobility of T’ai Chi. This 50-minute fusion of ancient disciplines is perfect to take on days between strenuous workouts to get blood flowing through fluid movements, or as a gentle means to build balance, core strength, and coordination, ultimately promoting restoration and healing.

Body Sculpting

A full-body, low-weight/high-repetition resistance training workout to tone and bring alive the beautiful muscles you’ve dreamed about.


Inspired by Joseph Pilates original floor routine, this strength training workout is designed to primarily tone your core (abs, hips, gluts, and lower back). Special attention is given to proper breathing, body awareness, and creating correct form for muscle memory.