Hats are interesting. They mark us.

They identify our occupations. Think construction hardhat, policeman’s cap, airline pilot’s cap, chef’s hat, even a military boonie hat.

They reveal our interests. Think baseball cap, football helmet, ski cap, beret, or yarmulke.

They even parade our personality. Think fedora, top hat, cowboy hat, skull cap, motorcycle helmet, or some of those awful hats worn to Edward and Katherine’s royal wedding.

The point is they state some role we play in life to our family, our friends, or our peers.

So if God had a hat rack, what would he wear in your life?

For me I think it must change moment to moment. First, he’d have to wear a construction hardhat to ward off the debris that always seems to come from the fallout of my sin. Next, he’d probably don a policeman’s cap to weigh heavy on my conscience to make sure I’m going the speed limit most of the time. And then a military boonie hat to wage the guerilla warfare against Satan’s constant onslaught in my life.

I can see Jesus in a Fedora stepping onto an invisible ledge between two cliffs to reach the waters of life to save me (think Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). I see him in a top hat and tails, whisking me off my feet and scattering a shower of stars across the sky to romance me (Fred Astaire has nothing on him). I see him in a skull cap, flexing his carpentry biceps as a goliath of pain, or hardship, or betrayal steps into my path (think a godly version of Arnold or Stallone).

The point is God has a lot of roles in my life. He’s my Father, brother, best friend, sounding board, husband, lord, psychologist, muse, marketing agent, financier, confidante, baby sitter, security guard, navigator, teacher, doctor, co-writer, and so much more.

He fulfills every role perfectly. If I let him.

If I listen.

If I watch.

If I see.

If I follow.

What about you? What hat did God wear in your life today?