You are not alone.

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Stay updated with news for spouses of adulterers and sexual addicts.

There are few things more traumatic than discovering your spouse has committed adultery or is addicted to pornography. It’s like a death. Your dreams and your reality are forever altered. The terrible isolation that follows—even if you have a support system—is indescribable.


 Where do you turn? Who can you tell? It feels like even God has abandoned you.


 Shame covers you like a shroud.


 But even in the darkness where you weep alone, even in your desolate bed in which you lie sleepless, even in the ceaseless thoughts that plague you,


 there is hope.

And there is a path to healing. I know. I walked it.


Everyone’s trail is different, but I can help you find yours. It will be scary. And it will be painful.


So take my hand and let God take your other, and together we will chart a course to bring you from your isolation to an intimacy with God and a circle of safe others beyond your imaginings.


A place where God and you is enough.

Isolation to Intimacy is an online video course coming Summer 2017.  Join the VIP Team and be the first to get the preliminary 3-part video series “You’re Not Alone”, get early access via our beta program, and receive updates directly to your inbox.


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Course includes your own personal, private, and confidential support forum I2I. Utilizing the versatility of SLACK so you can be as anonymous as you want to be.

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Hope and Healing for Spouses of Sexual Sin

Thriving in a 25-year marriage that was once traumatized by adultery and a 4-year separation, Kim shares her story of hope and healing with spouses who feel isolated due to sexual sin in their relationship, but don’t know how or where to begin their journey.

Kim Pullen

Kim Pullen

Writer, Speaker, Fitness Instructor

Stay updated with news for spouses of adulterers and sexual addicts.