In today’s electronic age, there’s something more valuable than money.


With the variety of media bombarding us every minute of every day, you want to make the most use of your reading time. Even if a book is “free”, it’s not free because you spend time reading it. That’s your primary investment.

I can’t tell you how many books I’ve started and put aside. I’m the sad offspring of our “entertain me quick” culture. If a book doesn’t grab me in the first chapter–if I don’t connect with it, or better, if the author doesn’t connect with me–I’m back on the hunt for something that will.

Gone are the literary days of Great Expectations or A Tale of Two Cities when an author took 50 pages just introducing his protagonist.

We don’t have the patience for that anymore. It’s an unfortunate by-product of our unreserved access to unlimited resources of information, most of it available to us at the click of a button.

I’m not saying this is right or good. I’m just stating it as a fact, and one that, as a writer, I’ve reluctantly come to accept. Why would anyone spend their hard-earned money and take their valuable time to read my stuff when there is so much else out there to engage them?

I have to be good.  Very, very good. I have to practice. I have to write until my fingers bleed. I have to reach out and connect with readers who have a thousand other voices screaming for their attention.

And even if I chain myself to my laptop, cut open a vein, and let the words ooze until there is nothing left in me, I won’t connect with everyone.

But I could connect with you.

So I’m going to try again. If you haven’t bought my book (I despise prostituting myself in this way, but a girl’s gotta make a living somehow), I hope the excerpt below from my new book “Water for the Wound” will inspire you to click the link below it to read the rest.



The demons sit upon my back

Their talons tighten and my skin it cracks

Their fetid breath writhes round my mind.

Their eyes ablaze for mine to blind.

But they don’t attempt to make me cry

Or even contemplate suicide

Not to vent rage toward a friend

Nor with foulest language to offend.


No, their plan has much more subtlety

To keep attention far from me

To live this day in silent stealth

Blind and dumb, consumed by self.

For lost in self I cannot see

My brothers in their aching need;

Cannot spy the pain that cries

From the dullness in their eyes;

Cannot hear their desperate plea

‘Midst their mirth and revelry.


And because I think my sin but small

I hesitate on God to call

To send his armies sweeping in

To dash the demons fixed within.

For only prayer can bring about

The power to flush the demons out

Only light can blind those in the dark

So truth can squarely hit its mark.


To wage this war, the angels dream

A fight to human eyes unseen.

Give me now, Lord, eyes that see

The battle that’s fought over me.

Let me with your warriors fight

To make me strong and keep me right.

Only then with demons far from me

Can I know the peace of being free.


Water for the Wound

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