Whose definition of love do you live by?

It is such a simple yet profound question especially since most of us formulate our definition of love first from our parents and then from the world around us. Maybe that’s why so many are insecure since we view others through a dirty lens and think others are looking back at us the same way.

Consider the following:


Satan’s “love” is clothed in insecurity and encourages us to put pressure on others.

God’s Love lets us choose to give our love away as a gift…

          just as God lets us choose to give our love to Him as a gift.


Satan’s “love” is marked by desperation and drives us into unhealthy compromises of our convictions.

God’s Love is one that never compromises who we are in order to “love” others…

          just as God never compromises who He is in order to love us.


Satan’s “love” demands that we perform “correctly” in order to stay in others’ favor (or others perform correctly in order to stay in ours).

God’s Love is one that doesn’t need to be earned…

          just as God bases his favor not on who we are, but on who He is.


John 3:16, the most misquoted and misappropriated scripture in the Bible, is powerful because of its simplicity: It exemplifies God’s most powerful creation—Love.

You’ve been loved mightily by God. What about you: How you be lovin’?