I have a secret.

It is the key to my future. It will determine who I will be in five years. It will determine where I will be in life, in education, and in my profession.

It makes me laugh hysterically. It stirs my blood. It leads me to weep in anguish.

It gets me in the mind of my enemy and my best friend.

It is the foundation of every subject in education. It is the pathway to the very zenith of knowledge.

I can do it while driving. I can do it washing dishes. I can do it on a bus, in a grocery store line, in a park, in the rain, or on a mountainside. I can do it in my bed or on the waves of the ocean.

I can do it if I’m blind or deaf, intelligent or elementary, scholarly or blue-collar.

It satisfies a hunger and produces a thirst for more.

What is my secret?

I read.

I read everyday.

I read on purpose and with a purpose.

What about you? Where are you going? If you don’t read, nowhere.

If you do, it is your ticket to heaven both on earth and in the afterlife.



Yes, you can read while driving. It’s called audiobooks and they are the best thing since sliced bread. With three kids, three jobs, a blog and book to write, and a house to keep clean, I’ve only read one physical book in the last year, but I’ve read over 30 audiobooks (check out Audible.com or your public library). In today’s modern technology, there’s no excuse not to “carry it with you”–you can have your book wherever you go.