A little more than four years ago, my husband and I separated due to sin in my husband’s life. I soon found out was there was quite a lot in my own and it was primarily due to my shallow intimacy with God.

It is my default to try to play god in my life and in the lives of others. God gently moved me out of the way so he could do what he does so well—heal broken and damaged hearts.

Then, proving that he can take even the worst situations and turn them for his own good purposes (Romans 8:28-31), he inspired and helped me produce an ensemble dramatic production “Table for Two”. A year later, I published my novel The Chasm Crosser. My soon-to-be-released Bible study guide entitled Psalmmary is in production. I also have a coterie of relationships that I would never have forged but in the heat of the battle for my heart.


Restoration and Reconciliation

Recently, Russ—a changed man—returned home. And our mutual journey continues. I feel like we’ve both been given a “do-over”. It’s not easy. We both still have sinful natures that we have to fight moment to moment. But God is faithful.

Some know the specifics of our situation and rejoice with our reuniting. Unfortunately, there are others who are shocked and even appalled that I chose to be reunited with my husband in light of his sin. I would simply encourage you to look at John 8:1-11. The parallels are uncanny.

Prior to Russ’ restoration in our family, I spoke with our counselor about my fears. Because this journey is so uncharted and unfamiliar, I said, “I don’t know where to put my feet.” My therapist offered words of encouragement, but God came through and showed me he’s “got this”. David—who had his own share of sins and struggles to tackle—said, “You have made wide steps beneath my feet so that I need never slip” (Psalm 18:37).


Intimacy with God

Should others follow my lead and expect such a reuniting? Maybe, maybe not. Life is a not a one-size-fits-all. But intimacy with God is. We may not recognize we need intimacy with our Creator, but we’re all wired for it. So if you’re just starting your divine friendship, read the Bible (especially the Psalms and the Gospels), listen to quiet voice of the Spirit, consider the advice of spiritually mature friends, and make your choices.

Only when we have an in-depth, personal, and profound relationship with God can we make the best decisions for our lives. Life choices may be different for each of us, but intimacy with God really is a one-size fits all.

Have you gotten a do-over in your life? How has it affected your intimacy with God?