Okay, I can’t resist.

I had to share one more poem that is…well, unlike anything else I’ve ever written. It’s for all those who have ever laid down their lives to help lead someone else to God.

If you have and you’re a woman, you know the whole experience is kinda like given birth. If you’re a man, be grateful it’s the closest you’ll ever come to feeling what labor is.

You have to do me one favor though–you have to read it with a “Bible-belt” accent or you just won’t get it. Enjoy.

Keep A’ Goin’


When the harvest just begins—

Keep a’ goin’.

When the souls start comin’ in—

Keep a’ goin’.

While the late nights seem a joy—

Kiss y’r little girl an’ boy—

Then go back an’ teach some mo’…

Keep a’ goin’.


When the middle a harvest comes—

Keep a’ goin’.

When y’r house looks like a slum—

Keep a’ goin’.

When some hearts they seem so hard

‘Cause their lives so blasted scarred—

Remember you was once as weird…

Keep a’ goin’.


When y’r three weeks int’ reapin’—

Keep a’ goin’.

When all y’r feelin’ like is sleepin’—

Keep a’ goin’.

When y’r leader an’ ‘is kin

Start a’ callin’ y’ on y’r sin

Know Satan still he’s tryin’ t’ win!—

Keep a’ goin’.


When the end is drawin’ near—

Keep a’ goin’.

When dirty clothes is all y’ wear—

Keep a’ goin’.

Now don’t y’ stop y’r sowin’

‘Cause the kingdom it’s still growin’

Grab y’r sword an’ start a’ hoein’—

Keep a’ goin’.



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