It says in the Talmud, “We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are.” In other words, how we view others pov 5and the world in general is all about perspective. It’s all about our point of view. So I took one of the most beloved Psalms and flipped the POV. For me, it was transformative.

Dear (Insert Your Name):

From the very beginning of your life up until this very moment as you read this, I have examined you thoroughly and I know you all the way to the center of your being. I know when you sit down at home, at work, or at rest and I know when you get back up again. From where I dwell in the heavenly realms, I see and know every thought that crosses your mind. In fact, there isn’t a word or a sigh that issues from your lips that I didn’t hear while it was still formulating in your mind.

Since I am omnipresent, I am one step behind you in your past, bound with you in the moment, and one step ahead of you in your future; you are secure and completely protected in my arms.

There is no place that you can go where I will not be. If you soar to the heavens physically or emotionally, I’ll be there. If you feel the mortal crush of sorrow or pain or are brought to the door of death, I’ll be there. If you could ride the sunrise to the four corners of the earth, I’d be the one creating those paths of light and keeping you safe all the way to your destination.

If you try to hide from me either out of shame, fear, anger, or even some desire to indulge yourself in the blackest of sins, I see it as if you lived your life under a spotlight because even darkness can’t hide from me.

Remember, I made you. I carefully and deliberately put your tiny body together piece by precious piece while you were still inside your mother’s womb, weaving in every possible aspect of your personality and character. I did this because in my omniscience I planned every day you would live on this earth and every single opportunity you had to choose to obey either me or the world. I think about you every minute of every day whether you are thinking about me or not. Even when you are sleeping, I’m right there.

Because of this, I implore you, my beautiful, beautiful child to let me in. Even though I know your every thought and see your every desire as if it were laid bare before me, I want you to reveal them to me, to willingly and eagerly share yourself utterly and completely with me. I will not force myself upon you but entreat you, let me help cleanse away your every pain and sorrow, every misstep and mistake, even the hurt you have caused in the lives of others and the guilt that haunts you because of it.

If you do this, my most special creation, I will guide you and lead you on the path right to my door where I have prepared a place for you and wait in eager anticipation.

I love you.

Your Husband, Maker, Best Friend, and Father,