Your toothbrush. Your car. Your laptop. The contents of your refrigerator.

If you could keep just one material item in your life, what would you choose?

What about one relationship?

Your spouse? Your child? Your friend? Your mother?

Now, I’m not expecting a hurricane, tsunami, or other natural disaster (although with the recent bout of rains we’ve had in Central Florida, I wouldn’t say another Flood is totally out of the picture), but in the last nine months, I’ve had some challenges rise up in my life that have called me to ask myself this question: What is the one thing that I couldn’t live without?

People ‘n’ Stuff

Sure I can go without food for a few weeks, water for a few days, and unless we’re hit by a giant asteroid, I don’t think I have to worry about all our air being gravitationally sucked into outer space. So take the survival items off the list—air, food, water, and shelter—and what do you have left?

People and stuff.

The “spiritual” among us will always pick people. If you picked stuff—yes, even your cellphone—you can stop reading now because you probably won’t get this blog.

So who would you pick if you could have just one relationship? If you’re married, you’d probably pick your spouse. Well, not all of us would. Especially if they got out on the wrong side of the bed this morning, blamed you for the fact that they didn’t have any clean underwear, and then growled at you over breakfast. Your kids, your dog, or even—heaven forbid—your mother-in-law would be the clear winner then.

If you’re single, it may mean a beau or beauty, a parent, or yes, the dog again.

But I’m going to challenge all of these relationships because if you’re honest, you could survive without these. You may go into catatonic shock, you may suffer from monophobia (fear of being alone), or you may be terrified because you never got your wilderness survival scout badge as a child, but you would make it without these people.

If you had God.

Numero Uno

See when it comes right down to it, he’s all we really need. All the other stuff and relationships can be stripped away. I would venture to say that we actually become too reliant on them. And I’m not talking about our cellphones, our laptops, or our cars. I’m talking about our spouse, our kids, our mom, and—oh, what the heck—the dog.

We turn to the stuff for connection, distraction, and for finding our personal value. We turn to people for approval, validity, and our self-worth.

God supplies all those things, if—and that’s a big IF—we let him:

#1 – Self-Worth (he gave up his son for us)

#2 – Validity (he created us)

#3 – Approval (we’re his children)

#4 – Personal Value (see #1)

#5 – Distraction (who needs it if you have all the others?)

and #6 – Connection (his line is always open).


I hope you never have to go through a challenge that forces you to make this type of choice.

On second thought, I do hope you encounter such a decision. It clarifies your entire life. It reminds you that you are not in control of anything. It stops the rain, pulls back the clouds like a curtain, and lights up your world.

I usually end my blogs with some humorous quip to leave you with a smile on your face, but I think this decision is just too important to laugh off and move on to the next email.

So here’s your challenge: Take a few minutes to really consider if your whole world fell apart today, would God be enough?