What’s it take it keep our New Year’s resolutions? Most of them get discarded like last night’s pizza box.

Weight loss, quitting smoking, exercising regularly, going back to school, spending more time with family, changing occupations. The list is so common. They seem so simple.

So why don’t we change?

It’s not that we’re too lazy or that we’re lacking self-control. It’s not that we don’t have the funds, the time, the energy, or the help.

We’re afraid. We fear what lies on the other side of real change.

Will we transform or trans-mutate? Who will we be? Do we deserve anything different? Who will reject us if we do change? Can we maintain the transformation? What if we can’t retain the “new” us and fall back into our old habits?

Then we’ll be more of a failure than we were before.

See we never really change until our pain exceeds our fear of change, or as someone so poetically stated, “The acid of our pain eats through the wall of our denial.”

Do you want to change?

Find the area in your life that you are really sick of. If you’re sick enough, you’ll find a way to change it.

And you won’t need a New Year to do it.