2016 Gainesville Christian Church Women's Day
Guest Speaker

“Be Mindful, Be ProActive, Be Deliberate”

2016 Women’s Day, Gainesville Christian Church, Gainesville, Florida

Saturday, April 2nd

PowerPoint Presentation

For the last 200 years, the American Supermom and the Proverbs 31 Woman are conjoined super-heroines that Christian women have fiercely striven to emulate. The reality is that their impossible standard has left many 21st century women not just exhausted, disillusioned, and feeling defective, but some of the most unhappy and unhealthy women in the world. To prevent falling into this mindset trap, we must alter our perception to see these figures not as standards, but as ideals. Only then can we be effective, joyful, and successful wives, mothers, friends, and business women.

  • Be Mindful – Altering our Thinking
  • Be Proactive – Start Small
  • Be Deliberate – Do it on Purpose