“Daring… edgy… willing to go there and make sense of it all.  Creative genius, Kim Pullen, has woven together a tale of real people facing real dilemmas and coming up with real answers.  This video stands on the shoulders of the best KNN short videos of the past and takes it to another level.  It is truly a pioneering work that will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride and leave you breathless at the end, so grateful for God’s amazing grace.”

–Jeff Chacon, Author of Dare to Dream Again and Evangelist, Tampa Bay Church



How do you talk to God after betraying Him and abandoning your faith and your family? How do you forgive when you are the betrayed? How do you lose the bonds of an abusive past and embrace the freedom of the future?

Written and directed by Kim Pullen with an ensemble cast, Table for Two shows with gut-level openness and gritty reality that only God’s mercy can save us from our own selfishness. Only God’s loving-kindness can heal us from the anguish of sin. Only God’s compelling grace can lead us toward forgiveness.

Order your HD-DVD copy of “Table for Two”. Running time: 139 minutes. Cost is $14.95.

Table for Two, Stage Play on HD-DVD