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On April 21st, I spoke at the 2nd Annual UNBOXED Conference in Orlando, Florida. My topic was Helping Couples Recover from Sexual Sin. 

At the 2016 UNBOXED Conference, Barry Mattox, an elder from the Orlando Church, addressed the pornography issue from a pro-active, preventative stance for families. This year, I addressed the reality and consequences of sexual sin within the Christian marriages as well as suggesting several paths to assist couples and church leaders to find hope and healing. My purpose for this presentation was three-fold:

  • First, to implore married couples who know or suspect their spouse of sexual sin (adultery/addiction to porn) to come forward so both can find hope and healing.
  • Second, to implore church leaders to create a culture where those caught in sexual sin can feel safe enough to step into the light and not be treated like spiritual lepers.
  • And third, to implore men and women who have not succumbed to addictive sexual sin to educate themselves.

It is important to note that I shared this presentation with my husband’s full support and encouragement. 

I understand the challenges that spouses of sexual addicts face because I lived it. And the stats show I’m just one of millions. In an effort to reach out to those who know or suspect their spouse of adultery or porn addiction, I’m creating an online course available this summer to help women come out of the shame of isolation and into the light of intimacy with a safe circle of friends and supports. 

The course includes an exclusive, confidential online forum and online support group.

Join the VIP Team to receive regular updates as the course launch date approaches and get access to the Hope for Spouses Resource Center.

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