Testimonials for EBW’s Essential Oils

Thanks to Kim and Every Body Wellness, Essential Oils are now an everyday part of my life. As a school teacher, I use Thieves™ every night to prevent catching the latest “bug” spreading through my classroom. The practical EBW User Guides that come with each oil are educational for a newbie user like me to experiment with the endless uses of these products.

Whitney Overturf, Orlando

Five years ago I was diagnosed with Chronic Migraine Syndrome. I suffered daily. With medication came side effects. Even though I had fewer migraines, I still would get up to five per month. Thanks to Kim and essential oils, I take less medication. I may get a migraine once a month but within an hour I’m able to get back to my day. I currently use Thieves, Peppermint, Lavender, and Lemon.

Kerri Barry, Orlando

I work two jobs that give me tension headaches and migraines. I don’t like taking medication daily since it creates further health problems. Recently I started using Peppermint because I heard it helps with headaches. I can honestly say that it works. I also use it to help alleviate sinus congestion. Thank you, Kim, for educating me on how to use the oils correctly.

Debbie Rodriguez, Kissimmee

I have tried everything for sinus headaches. Now all I do is rub a few drops of peppermint oil in my hands and sniff…a great “pick me up” and no more headaches! So reasonably priced too.

Robin Wadsworth, Los Angeles

I was cajoled into trying Essential Oils at a yoga conference. I’m super sensitive to anything with fragrance so I was reluctant. That one encounter changed the life of my entire family. Since then I’ve incorporated them into every area of my life–home, work, children, and even into my fitness training.

Kim Pullen, Certified Fitness Instructor