Testimonials for Massages by Russ

Russ is the best massage therapist I ever had. I wouldn’t consider going to anyone else. He listens to my concerns and addresses not just my specific sore areas, but he “listens” to my muscles. He finds knots I didn’t know were there, cajoles them to compliance, and leaves me both relaxed and refreshed every time. —Maria Maillo, Orlando


Russ has been my massage therapist for almost 10 years! He has seen me through three high risk pregnancies, difficult postpartums, tendonitis, sciatica, and various sprains and strains throughout the years. He’s given me prenatal, postnatal, deep tissue, Swedish, and injury-focused massages, and they have always been wonderful. If not for him, I would be in pain almost every day of my life. Russ always works around my hectic schedule and finds a way to come “fix” me. For me, a massage isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Thank you, Russ, for everything! —Katiria Castillo, St. Cloud, Florida

As a Licensed Massage Therapist myself, I can personally attest to my experiences with Russ Pullen, LMT. He is professional, well qualified and a diversified Massage Therapist whose experience and expertise in his chosen field is excellent. Always positive, on-time and efficient, you can count on a great massage every time. It’s also a bonus that his training and certifications as a Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer make Russ especially qualified to help clients with sports-related issues as well as anyone looking to simply relax. Want a good massage? Call Russ (I do!). —Serina Jung, LMT & Owner of Wellness At Work Massage, LLC, Orlando, Florida


Russ has been my massage therapist for 8 years.  He’s attentive to my needs and will concentrate the whole massage in a particularly painful area if I request it using deep or light pressure as needed.  He’s also willing to work with my schedule even if it’s inconvenient for him. Highly recommended! —Edward Radschweit, Orlando