I’ve held onto this story for a few years hoping to get it published. But with teaching full-time, holding a second job as a fitness instructor, and raising three kids, my dream to support myself writing has been pushed off the back burner and into the frig. And cold dreams do not microwave well.

So I’ve decided to take one of my novels and serialize it here on my blog. It’s been read and reviewed by other authors and editors whose opinions I value highly and whose suggestions I took very much to heart. I’m going to upload one chapter a week here at PullenOutheStops.com. I hope you’ll like it so much, you’ll forward the site to your family and friends.

Will I make any money for it? Not now. But it’s been proven that if you give your stuff away, eventually people will be not just willing, but eager to pay for it.

So starting next week, I hope you’ll come back each week to read The Chasm Crosser. Here’s a little something to whet your appetite:

When a mysterious bridge builder appears with a promise to span the Great Chasm that separates the king of the Mountain from the people of the Valley, a reluctant farmer and his wife must choose between the suspicious mutterings of the imperious Maven or the impossible reality of a bridge that is shrouded in mist. But appreciation for the truth falls far short of faith, and when the bridge builder’s bold claims put him in direct opposition with the Valley authority and the farmer’s own family, the farmer and his wife must face the daunting question: Is the bridge builder a self-deceived lunatic, a master con artist, or is he who he says he is–the Eldest, heir to the throne, and the only means by which the people of the Valley can be reunited to their king?

See you next week.