The POW-er of Peppermint

The POW of Peppermint

You’ve seen the Maxell guy.

You’ve heard of the Nestea plunge.

These have nothing on the POW! of Peppermint.

I hesitate writing a description about Peppermint Essential Oil because anything I say will sound cheesy or like I’m exaggerating.

I’m not.

You only need ONE DROP, rubbed between your palms, to smell and feel the POW!

Gives Big Pharma Pause

If there was a way to patent this stuff, someone would but, because you can’t patent products that are not made in a lab, the pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know about it because it would put them out of the allergy relief business. No more Zyrtec (which never worked for me anyway).

No more Pepto-Bismol or Alka-Seltzer for upset stomachs. One to two drops of Peppermint rubbed on the belly, then inhale, and POW! nausea dissipates.

No more Tylenol or aspirin for headaches or Aleve or Imitrex for migraines. One to two drops will relieve headaches and can stop a building migraine in its tracks, helping migraine suffers to limit the amount of prescription meds they have to take and improve their overall quality of life.

I put Peppermint on my 10-year-old daughter’s feet when her temperature reached 103.5°. When we arrived at the hospital 30 minutes later, it had dropped to 99°. When I told the ER nurse I used Peppermint to bring down the temperature, she looked at me like I had a third eye.*


And that’s not all. Here’s a few other things I use the POW of Peppermint for:

  1. Rub several drops on abdominal area to relieve nausea, indigestion, flatulence, diarrhea, or travelsickness.
  2. Rub on palms and inhale to relieve congestion.
  3. Add drop to herbal tea to aid in digestion and relieve heartburn.
  4. Apply on unbroken skin to relieve itching.
  5. Massage on area of injury to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.
  6. Rub on bottoms of feet to reduce fever.
  7. For poison ivy or poison oak, apply neat or dilute with carrier oil.
  8. Inhale before and during workout to reduce fatigue.
  9. To relieve headache, rub on temples, forehead, over sinuses (stay away from eyes) and on back of neck.
  10. Diffuse or rub under nose to improve alertness and concentration.
  11. Rub on joints to relieve arthritis or tendonitis pain.
  12. Inhale to curb the appetite and lessen impulse to overeat.
  13. Remove ticks by applying drop on a cotton swab and swabbing tick.
  14. To deter vermin, place cotton ball with oil along path or point of entry for pests.

And it’s not just me. My friend, Robin in California recently wrote: “I have tried everything for sinus headaches. Now all I do is rub a few drops of peppermint oil in my hands and sniff…a great ‘pick me up’ and no more headaches!”

Feel the POW-er!

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to prescribe, treat, prevent, or diagnose any disease or condition. This information is simply the educational opinion of Every Body Wellness.