Sometimes I see things.

Sometimes I have to pray to want to see them.

And sometimes I have to pray to wanna wanna see them.

Mostly, it’s in my own character. Others tend to see me so much clearer than I see myself. But it could be in my business, in my employees, in my church, in my spouse, in my kids, even in my dog (yes, even the dog).

Truth is, I think we all have a blind spot that we don’t want to see because if we did we’d have to confront it and then–following the advice we give so judiciously to others–we’d have to change it.

And we’re already working on this (something else in our character). And this. And this (something else in our character).

So we don’t even bother looking for it. Who has the time?

That’s when you gotta pray the wanna wanna. You have to pray for the blinders to drop, the scales to fall, the door to open, the knife to cut, and the light to shine all over it. Whatever it may be.

And it usually ain’t pretty.

But it’s the only way we really change and grow and become what we were designed to be.

Do you see it? (If you’re not sure, trust me, you don’t.)

If not, pray to want to.

If you don’t want to yet, pray the wanna wanna.


What area in your life do you have to pray the wanna wanna?