Toxins in Our Toiletries

I’m so sorry to be the one to have to deliver the bad news, but it’s like a blind man telling another blind man about the huge hole in the middle of the floor—and I would be a terrible friend if I didn’t tell you the truth.

Here it is: You’re killing yourself a little bit every day. See the graphic below. I “modestified” it a little for both of us.

Now that you know the truth, what do you do with it? You can’t stop using EVERYTHING in your medicine cabinet.

What you can do is start by educating yourself on the flotilla of harmful toxins you put on your body—hence, in your body—every day. Read. Read. And read some more. Only then can you make educated choices about what you products you want to use.

Also, start with using essential oil each day to begin flushing out the petrochemicals that have created a beachhead in your internal organs. How can essential oils help? We put a drop of lemon essential oil on a Styrofoam plate which is made of many of the same petrochemicals found in your toiletries.

In less than 10 minutes, the oil ate through the plate. Yes, it dissolved the petrochemicals.

Lemon Essential Oil can utilizes the cleansing properties in flushing out the build-up of petrochemicals in your body as well. No, you won’t be able to completely eliminate them all, but at least you’ll keep from drowning in them.