Sometimes truth is like a bright light in the eyes. Stabbing, shocking, painful.  But if we turn our head and follow the path it has illuminated, it leads us out of the darkness that we didn’t even know we were in.

Truth is what you see in the mirror right after you roll out of bed.

Truth is your bank balance.

Truth is a muscle cramp that yanks you from sleep and leaves you writhing amidst your sheets.

Truth is your daughter’s naked brown bum peeking from beneath too-short pajamas.

Truth is the sputtering engine when you are on “E”.

Truth is waking up alone in the morning.

Truth is the size 10 jeans that won’t get passed your thighs anymore.

Truth is the hug from a friend who knows your pain.

Truth is gazing into the stars on a moonless night and realizing they were there long before you were.

Truth is a bleach stain on your favorite shirt.

Truth is the key scratch that runs the length of your new car.

Truth is an unrecoverable computer crash.

Truth is realizing nobody can do “it” (whatever “it” may be) except you.

Truth is saying goodbye to a best friend.

Truth is a receeding hairline.

Truth is a shattered glass across the kitchen floor.

Truth is a paralyzing kink in your neck.

Truth is the last page of a great book.

Truth is wacking your toe on a midnight run to the bathroom.

Truth is alcohol in an open wound.

Truth is remembering you are never alone.