In our modern terminology, radiance has taken on a distinctly feminine quality. I mean, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, or Bruce Willis might, well,…take offense if you told him they looked radiant this morning.

We don’t habitually use the term “radiant” to describe anyone other than brides or expectant mothers when they hit their second or third trimester.

“Cover Up, Dude!”

So what’s up with Moses then? The man’s man who foiled a Pharoah, originated the Million Man March through the Red Sea, and was the only person in history to talk with God face-to-face and not be incinerated. When he came out of his one-on-one’s in the Tent of Meeting, Moses was so resplendent, the rest of the Jews asked him to cover up.

How in creation does Moses’ glow have anything to do with the vibrancy of a bride or a pregnant woman?


When Moses sat before God in the Tent of Meeting, he was closest to what he was originally designed to be—Adam in fellowship with the Creator and thus fulfilling the Master Designer’s plan for his life.

I’m Every Woman

Kudos to those single woman who choose to serve God with an undivided heart, but when is a woman more fully living out God’s original plan for Eve than when she is about to become a bride or a mother? It’s like some innate part of her body knows this and the chemical response changes the very surface of her skin.

Even if a mother-to-be doesn’t call herself a Christian, the blush magically appears when she feels that first fluttering of the child in her womb. It’s like she is connecting to something (or Someone) so much bigger and more transcendent than herself.

Lately, I’ve been told that I look radiant. I’m definitely not a bride to be and there would have to be another immaculate conception for me to be pregnant. So what’s with the new wow?

Could it be the latest foundation I’m using? The warmth of Central Florida’s June sun? Or the extra Vitamin E in my Spinach salads? No, I think it’s the inordinate amount of time I’ve spent fellowshipping with my Creator.

The God-Glow

The amazing thing about spending vis-à-vis time with God is that it shot-puts my stinkin’ thinkin’ and clears my vision so I can see things the way He does, kinda like chiropractic or yoga for the soul.

It’s more than taking a pit stop from the rat race. It’s coming into the very presence of the King of the Universe–the one who invented light in the first place.

So I enter my Tent of Meeting, a twisted, confused mess and–Wham-bam!—I exit with instant God-glow. You can’t buy that brilliance in a bottle.

So next time you see me and I’m auroral, please don’t assume that I’ve had an angelic visitation or that I’ve got an appointment with the aisle.

I’m just getting good face-time with the Father.

So what’s your wattage? Are your times with God making you radiant?