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Over the centuries, Mary the mother of Jesus has been “sainted” for her supporting role in the life of the Messiah. But she was a mother like any other that anguished over the lives of her children, especially her firstborn. This presentation is a hypothetical correspondence between Mary and Jesus during the time of his three-year ministry. It reveals a mother’s struggle to trust God, and a son’s resolve to honor his Father.

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Title: Letters. Copyright 2013. Running Time: 10 minutes. Written by Kim Pullen. Performed by Bill Byrd and Kim Pullen. Produced by Brian Santos. Concept by John Mahagan.


In HellIn hell

Monologue for 1 male or female actor, includes Director’s Notes

What if your fate was sealed? What if you had all the time in the world to sit and ponder every lie that had poured from your lips, every act of rebellion toward your parents, every lustful thought, every shameful act, every wrong choice with all opportunity for restitution or repentance, gone? What would “life” be like?

This one man/woman monologue is disturbing and painful to view. Recommended for 14 and up.

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