Hammer & Nails: The Sounds of the Crucifixion

Cast and Director’s Scripts for Dramatic Production

It has been performed in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, Austin, Boston, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, and Sydney.

This is the original production developed in the late 80s by Cameron Corr. Running time is 15-20 minutes. Performed in darkness and in the audience rather than on stage, it is Christ’s Passion from the trial before Caiaphas to his Crucifixion utilizing dialogue and sound effects.

You’ve never experienced anything quite like it. When done with eager, vulnerable, and honest actors, it can move even hard-hearted individuals to tears.

Because of the nature of the play, we recommend it be performed in an intimate setting rather than to a large crowd (not more than 300 attendees).

The CAST SCRIPT is free. The Director’s Script, however, is a summation of notes and suggestions gleaned from directing this production over a period of 20 years with a wide variety of cast members, some professional actors, but most amateurs with great hearts. The Director’s Script includes:


  • audition scripts and notes
  • book references for your actors’ character studies
  • casting suggestion
  • rehearsal notes
  • suggestions for preparing your actors
  • seating floor plans for the performance
  • blocking maps
  • performance recommendations
  • suggestions for female directors leading a predominantly male cast
  • music recommendations

The cost for the complete DIRECTOR’S SCRIPT is $14.99. You can pay for it via PayPal. Email me after you place your order and when I get confirmation of payment, I will send you your digital copy.

Any questions, email me or text me at 407.924.9811.