“Daring… edgy… willing to go there and make sense of it all.  Creative genius, Kim Pullen, has woven together a tale of real disciples facing real dilemmas and coming up with real answers.  This video stands on the shoulders of the best KNN short videos of the past and takes it to another level.  It is truly a pioneering work that will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride and leave you breathless at the end, so grateful for God’s amazing grace.”

–Jeff Chacon, Author of Dare to Dream Again and Evangelist, Tampa Bay Church


How do you talk to God after betraying Him and abandoning your faith and your family? How do you forgive when you are the betrayed? How do you lose the bonds of an abusive past and embrace the freedom of the future?

Written and directed by Kim Pullen with an ensemble cast, Table for Two shows with gut-level openness and gritty reality that only God’s mercy can save us from our own selfishness. Only God’s loving-kindness can heal us from the anguish of sin. Only God’s compelling grace can lead us toward forgiveness.

Email Kim Pullen to order your HD-DVD copy of “Table for Two”. Running time: 139 minutes. Cost is $14.95.





Preview scenes from the HD-DVD.

Tell the Truth Clip


“Tell Me the Truth”

 Maria Calviat as Rachel Willis




I'm Sorry Clip


“I’m Sorry”

Jasmine Yampierre and Philip Goodchild as Tara and Drew Clarkson






Twins Clip



Laura Boyles and Gary Bell as Ms. Potts and Toby Willis





The Rash Clip


“The Rash”

Dawna Cantway and Jenelle Ferrer as Clarisse and Alyssa Clarkson







Laura B&WLaura Boyles (Ms. Potts)

Laura is a very young 58 years.  Baptized as a freshman at the University of Florida in October 1972, she earned her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education in August 1975 and then taught grades K, 1, 2, and 4 in North and Central Florida.  Happily married to Bill Boyles for 36 years, she has two sons, Bill Jr. (30) and John (29).  She and Bill are two of the original 23 people who started what is now the Orlando Church of Christ in January 1979.  She enjoys traveling, entertaining, being an Athens Institute of Ministry (AIM) student, and her part-time job at Barnes & Noble. She and Bill live in Orlando with their “girls” (dogs) Troika and Puppy.  Over the last decade, Laura has been privileged to work on several productions including the original Hammer & Nails.


Gary B&WGary Bell (Toby)

Gary Bell was born in Orlando and baptized as a teen in 1991. He fell away in 1994 and returned to God and his spiritual family in 2009. He played Al the Mechanic in You Better Be Glad I’m Saved at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center in 2007 and reprised the role again in 2010. In 2008 and 2011, he starred in Love Unbreakable at the Plaza Theater. In 2010, he portrayed The Tourist in The Sounds of Christmas and in 2011 starred in I Was There, both for the Orlando Church. He is grateful to be sharing the stage with disciples again in Table for Two.




Monika Alvarez B&WMonika Alvarez (Assistant Stage Manager)

Monika was born in Miami and later moved to Massachusetts where she studied theater at the Actors Workshop in Boston.  She has performed in numerous productions over the course of her twenty years as a disciple of Jesus.  She was part of the Arts, Media, and Sports Ministry in Orlando, portrayed Mary Magdalene in If a Rock Could Speak, and directed two Hammer and Nails productions in New Orleans.  She currently enjoys being part of the worship team in the South Florida Latin Ministry and being close to her family once again.




Kerri B&W

Kerri Barry (Assistant Director)

Born and raised in California, Kerri married her husband Kohnen in 1996 and became a disciple in 1999. She moved with her family to Orlando in June 2006 where she has helped produce two episodes of Home with the Garcia’s (2009, 2010) and assistant directed with Kim Pullen for the 2012 Women’s Day production Somebody Knows. She and her husband Kohnen lead a family group in the Orlando church and have two children, Kohnen Jr. (15) and Kambria (13). She is excited to be part of the Table for Two crew.




Kohnen B&WKohnen Barry (Kevin)

Kohnen grew up in California and got his first taste of the theater in 1991, where he played five different parts as an extra in the musical Me and My Girl. He enjoyed it so much that he took up drama in high school.  He married his wife Kerri in 1996, was restored in 1996, and then moved to Florida in 2006. In Orlando, he portrayed Brent Hayward in Home with the Garcias, Episodes 1 (2009) and 2 (2010), and the Narrator in the Sounds of Christmas in 2011. He currently resides in Orlando with his wife and children, Kohnen Jr. (15) and Kambria (13).




Maria B&WMaria Calviat (Rachel)

Maria studied at New York University Tisch School of the Arts and then at the Acting Studio in New York as a member of the Chelsea Repertory Company. Among numerous other roles, she portrayed Olivia in Twelfth Night and Irma in Madwoman of Chaillot. Through the Film Fund, she has had the opportunity to meet dignitaries and celebrities such as Coretta Scott King, Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier, and novelist James Baldwin.  She gave up her love of drama to become a disciple in March 2002. She graduated magna cum laude from Florida Southern College with a degree in Finance. She feels blessed and grateful to be able to return to the stage in Table for Two.



Dawna B&WDawna Cantway (Clarisse)

Born in Gainesville, TX in 1965, Dawna currently lives in Ft. McCoy, FL and attends the Gainesville Christian Church with her husband Bob. Dawna’s first acting experience was as Mary Poppins in the third grade. At the age of 16, Dawna became a mother, enrolling in the School of Hard Knocks and put her love for the theatre on hold. In September 2000, Dawna moved to Jacksonville where God gave her many desires of her heart. One of those was the role of Cindy in The Friendly Beast in which she co-directed with writer and producer Brian Santos. She also directed and performed with The Treehouse Players, an acting troupe of disciples. Dawna has five adult children and six grandkids with number seven on the way. She has been a disciple for 25 years and considers it an honor to be a part of Table for Two.



pam B&WPamela Comstock (Alternate/Production Assistant)

Pam was born and raised in Iowa where she was active in sports, cheerleading, drill team, and drama. While attending college at Iowa Western, she became a mother of a beautiful little girl who now has a family of her own. She became a disciple in Chicago in February 1990 and worked as an active volunteer for child protection awareness, Cabrini Green, HOPE Worldwide, and other services aiding the homeless. In her spare time, she played in a variety roles in church and community theatre. In 2005, she had a life-saving liver transplant and currently attends the Gainesville Christian Church. She is excited to be a part of cast and crew of Table for Two.



Jenelle B&WJenelle Ferrer (Alyssa)

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Miami, Jenelle has been in the arts (acting, writing, producing, and choreography) for over 20 years. She has performed in numerous productions including those by PBS and VH1, in regional and national competitions, and as an entertainment anchor for SEUTV. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Southeastern University in 2006 and her Master’s in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University in 2013. She is married to Lucas Ferrer and was baptized in Orlando in March 2012. She recently performed in the Women’s Day Production, Somebody Knows, and is excited to be part of Table for Two.



Philip B&WPhillip Goodchild (Drew)

Philip has performed in over fifty dramatic productions including John Proctor in The Crucible, Caliban in The Tempest, Tender Branson in Survivor, the Gravedigger in Hamlet, and Lee in True West, and was a member of the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain. Prior to Table for Two, Phillip’s proudest theatrical achievements were as Job in The Book of Job and a multiple character role in Looking Forward, an original play based on the life of Paul. He received his Bachelor’s in English and American Literature from the University of Manchester (2001), his Master’s in Advanced Theatre Practice from the Central School of Speech and Drama in London (2003), and graduated from the Athens Institute of Ministry in 2013. Currently, he’s a high school teacher of Creative Writing and Drama in Ruskin, Florida. Phillip was baptized in Tampa in 2007 and is happily married to Nathalie. They have three children–Allison, Zoe, and Malachi. 


Jake B&WJacob Heredia (Philip)

Jacob started as a Kingdom Kid in the Crossroads church in Gainesville and was raised in New Jersey. As a youth, he participated in numerous church performances and served as a stagehand for the revised version of Upside Down. As a teenager he chose to pursue his own path, playing in an anti-Christian heavy metal band for six years with one of his brothers.  But God softened his heart and led him and his brother back to Christ. They were baptized on the same day in February 2011.  In 2012, he performed alongside Table for Two fellow actor Philip Goodchild in Looking Forward, as well as designing the costumes. He is excited to work with disciple actors from all over the state of Florida.



Nalonda B&WNaLonda Johnson (Alternate/Prop Manager)

Born into a military family in Texas and raised throughout the United States, NaLonda enjoyed childhood modeling and acting, and was cast as an extra in the 1994 made-for-TV movie, Summertime Switch. She graduated from the University of Florida in December 2004, and began a career with CSX transportation.  After her baptism in July 2010, her passion for the arts was awaken while working as a Kingdom Kids Worship Leader. She helped lead her ex-husband to Christ in February 2013 and remarried the next day, uniting her family including her twin boys, Brandon and Bernard (5).  She is thankful for the opportunity to work on Table for Two and use her artistic talents for God’s glory.



Luz B&WLuz Morales (Stage Manager)

Born in New York City, Luz split her childhood between the Dominican Republic and the Big Apple where she became a disciple in 1994. She’s performed at Madison Square Garden and the Jacob K. Javits Center both onstage as a dancer, singer, and actress, as well as backstage as a stage manager, prop mistress, set designer, and production coordinator in such theatrical productions as Scrooge, The Apostles of Jesus, and He is Risen. Since moving to Orlando in 2005, she has been the stage manager for Lavarious Slaughter’s You Better Be Glad I’m Saved at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center and Love Unbreakable at The Plaza. She currently operates her own business, D’LaLuz Special Events and is excited to be part of the Table for Two crew.



Paige B&WPaige Parnell (Sharon)

Paige was born into a family of disciples. When she was an infant, her family moved from Florida to Jamaica to help plant the church and returned to South Florida several years later. She began her acting career in middle school after watching her creative father, Richard Parnell, perform, and committed her life to Christ while in high school. Currently, she attends the University of Florida and is a part of the Professional’s Ministry in Gainesville. While she is not a theatre major, she has a great love for performing and continues to do so recreationally.




Reggie B&WReginald “Reggie” Price (Charles)

Reggie is a Computer Systems Architect and Chief Engineer with Lockheed Martin and has worked in the Visual Simulation and Training industry playing video games for over 25 years. He earned his Bachelor’s in Electronic Engineering Technology from DeVry University and a certification in Systems Architecture from Steven Institute of Technology. Reggie received his first Patent in February 2012 and has two patents pending. Reggie portrayed the Centurion in the 2002 musical version of Hammer and Nails and the 2003 Faces at the Cross. This year, he and his wife of 29 years, (Aneda) celebrate 15 years as disciples. He has two adult children, Adrienne and Michael. He serves as a congregational songleader, the Deacon of Worship, and on the Board of Directors for the Orlando Church. He is thrilled to return to the stage in a performance role for Table for Two.


Jasmine B&WJasmine Yampierre (Tara)

A theater major at Valencia College, Jasmine is always busy performing in productions in Central Florida.  Previous roles include Ms. Bell in Fame, Dynamite in Hairspray, Mickey in The Odd Couple, and Simone in Misreadings. She recently signed with Brevard Talent Agency to focus on her career in acting and film. Her goal is to be a director and eventually open a local theater. She appeared in the Women’s Day production of Somebody Knows alongside Janelle Ferrer. She has been a disciple for three years and is excited to work with other disciple actors in the groundbreaking performance of Table for Two.




Kim B&WKim Pullen (Writer/Director/Producer)

As the eldest child of two Marines, Kim grew up in Miami and became a disciple in 1981 in her first semester at Broward Community College. She received her Bachelor’s in Telecommunications with a minor in Theater former secondary Language Arts teacher and homeschooling mom, at the University of Florida in 1985 and has been writing and directing plays in Florida ever since. She collaborated to create and produce the original Hammer and Nails:The Sounds of the Crucifixion. She is a novelist, blogger, poet, filmmaker, actress, stage director, wife, mom of three, and certified fitness and yoga instructor. On her blog, Pullen Out the Stops (www.pullenouthestops.com), she writes to see and share God through fresh eyes.